July 23, 2024

Doctor says ICU only has a case of HIV and repentant

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Doctor says ICU only has a case of HIV and repentant
Doctor says ICU only has a case of HIV and repentant

Ludmila Hajjar, a cardiologist and intensive care specialist, said intensive care units (ICUs) are currently crowded with patients who are not immunized against COVID-19 and warned of the disease’s toll among health professionals. And the doctor was quoted to take over the Ministry of Health in place of the former portfolio chief, General Eduardo Pazuelo, in March 2021, But he declined the invitation of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

To a newspaper or Globo Hajjar Classified as the ‘brutal’ difference in the effect of contamination by the omicron variable between the vaccinated and those who were not immunized or who did not complete a course of immunization – Vaccination “hardly” develops severe disease.

Currently only intensive care units with COVID cases among the unvaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated hardly outgrow outpatient care.
Ludmila Hajjar, cardiologist and cardiologist

In response to a question from O Globo if she had seen an infected patient who regretted not getting the vaccine, the doctor replied:

As an ICU specialist, I’ve seen more and more inpatients regret not being vaccinated. They arrive with the acute form of the disease, and they regret it, but it is too late.

Hajjar warned of the importance of vaccination, a COVID-19 is a very new virus that can still “bring us surprises”, he stressed, stressing that with the omicron variant the disease “showed similar behavior” in public and private health systems.

“The most expressive variable with respect to the disease profile is certainly the unvaccinated.”

Despite warning of possible “surprises”, Ludmila said she believes in the scientific line that points to a possible end to the pandemic due to the high level of the disease today.

On Monday (10), the world record a New record for COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, with more than 3 million infected, according to data from Our World in Data, a project associated with the University of Oxford.

“For the first time, we have a combination of two factors: a variant that is very prevalent in many people who are vaccinated. This causes a large number of people to develop the mild form of the disease, which is good for immunization. However, let’s watch out for vaccination.”

The collapse of health systems

According to the doctor, “in a week, the health systems in Brazil will collapse” due to the increase in the number of infections, which prompted people to go to outpatient clinics, and the number of health professionals who are on vacation because they are also infected with the Corona virus. -19.19.

“Most doctors and nurses have been immunized with two doses of CoronaVac and a booster from Pfizer. CoronaVac was very important at first, when there were no others. But it doesn’t protect like others from the new variants. It will become infected. In a milder way compared to what was seen a year ago, when it did not There are no vaccinations in Brazil. However, we will be excluded.”

Ludmila explained that in her area alone, in one of the health units where she works, Hospital das Clinicas, in São Paulo, she already has 56 professionals on leave because they are ill.

The physician also defined the potential permission for booster-vaccinated health professionals as “hazardous” to operate even if they were contaminated.

“We have very close physical contact with patients, and the risk of transmission is more high when it comes to omicron, which has a very high level of contamination. I think reducing quarantine time is to blame and that can help cover the embezzlement. But at least seven days off would be wise.”

The capacitor concluded her speech by saying that she is against ending the mandatory use of masks in open environments, given the current scenario of the disease in the country and in the world.

“At this moment, with the number of infected people rising, with the emergence of new variables, even with the unequal application of vaccines, I am against the abolition of the use of masks, simple, available and effective measures against Covid-19.”

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