Doctors called the dangerous consequences of chronic sleep deprivation

Медики назвали небезпечні наслідки хронічного недосипання

Also the doctors said, how dangerous is excessive sleep.As you know, lack of sleep is a health hazard and can cause the development of a number of diseases, including obesity and heart disease.

But now a team of scientists from the Norwegian University of science and technology warn that too much sleep can also be dangerous for the heart, writes the with reference to healthystyle.

Sleep less than 4 hours is considered to be harmful to the health of the cardiovascular system. Lack of sleep can increase heart rate, blood pressure and secretion of the hormone adrenaline – all these parameters are risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. However, a new study has shown that people who sleep more than 8 hours a night also face a higher risk of heart diseases.

In the study, specialists considered 392164 adults and a 13-year period, 711 people died from cardiovascular diseases. It was found that the risk of developing cardiovascular disease was higher by 50% for those who slept less than 4 hours per day, compared with participants who slept from 4 to 8 hours.

However, people who slept more than 8 hours a night had a 28% higher risk of developing heart disease. However, this risk was higher in women than in men. So far, scientists cannot say exactly why excessive sleep increases the likelihood of heart disease.


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