October 3, 2023

Does the app guarantee R$10 for registered users? Paying via PayPal?

Recently, a Brazilian YouTuber started advertising an alleged promotion of referrals from the Mercado Pago app. According to the influencer, the app guarantees $10 payout for all new users. The promises attracted the attention of many people! After all, the digital influencer claims that anyone can guarantee payments and “instant withdrawals via Pix.” However, are these statements correct?

For those who want to make money online in 2022, above all, be careful. A key tip is to always be skeptical of YouTuber promises, especially when they include download links and referrals. In addition, it is worth giving priority to well-known platforms with a proven reputation in the Brazilian market. In that sense, check out everything you need to know about the (alleged) Mercado Pago promotion below.

Does the app really guarantee payment?  Image: disclosure
Does the app really guarantee payment? Image: disclosure

Discover the Mercado Pago

Before talking about promoting referrals, it is worth explaining more about the application itself. First, Mercado Pago is available for download from both the Play Store and the App Store. ie: It works normally on Android and iOS mobile phones. The app is, basically, one of the most popular digital wallets in Brazil. The platform offers many advantages to users. Among them, its simplified interface, cryptocurrency tools, banking and payments for products and services stand out.

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Does Mercado Pago guarantee immediate $10 USD payment?

First of all, we must deny the fraudulent promises of Brazilian YouTubers. The promotion that influencers reveal, according to information from the official Mercado Pago website, simply does not exist. That’s right: the upgrade isn’t real. Therefore, R$10 cannot be immediately guaranteed or withdrawn on Pix, despite what YouTubers promise. Mercado Pago already has a referral promotion. However, it is completely different from what influencers advertise.

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How do we ensure payment in app promotion? Find out how to take advantage of Mercado Pago

As mentioned earlier, referral promotion by Mercado Pago is real, but its operating model has nothing to do with the supposed action advertised by YouTubers. On the other hand, it is really possible to earn money with app invites. According to the information from the official website, Mercado Pago users have 3 options to earn with Indicate and Win. Hence, we list below the three alternatives; paying off.

  • First, there is the upgrade Point to the point. In it, you should indicate the purchase of a Mercado Pago machine. You get R$150 for each machine purchased through the referral link. In turn, the guest receives a discount of up to 83%.
  • Then we have the upgrade Select QR Code and Set Pix. In this case, the guest receives a 0% fee on their sales with a QR code and a Pix set for 90 days. Those who claim, in this way, receive R$7 for every R$50 of sales accumulated by guests.
  • Finally, it is possible Profit from payment link. You receive R$7 for each new guest who collects R$300 in sales using the payment link in the first 90 days.

Download Mercado Pago is available at www.mercadopago.com.br.

Finally, Pronatec.pro.br does not guarantee payments or potential issues with websites, applications or games. Always search before downloading or accessing any platform on your mobile phone.