October 1, 2022

Does Tik Tok monitor its users? The researcher makes some claims about the app, understand

According to information from a security researcher, TikTok, a popular short video platform, monitors user activity outside of the app. The procedure can be dangerous, especially for those who have card information on their devices.

Want to understand what this means and what the platform thinks after the accusation? So stay tuned below and check out the info we’ve separated for you!

Does Tik Tok monitor its users? / Photo: Propaganda

Does Tik Tok Monitor iOS Users?

Felix Krause, the technology researcher who reported on the TikTok action, analyzed the launch of InAppBrowser, a tool that lists various JavaScript commands that are executed in iOS apps as soon as the app’s browser connects to a web page. However, on Thursday (8/18), Krause noticed a different feature in TikTok implementation codes on Apple platforms.

Initially, to show what the tool is capable of, the researcher studied some other popular iOS platforms that have built-in browsers. According to him, the results are alarming: networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Messenger and Instagram change the web pages that open in browsers. The procedure includes placing tracking codes such as text selections, inputs, touches, etc., as well as inserting external JavaScript files and creating new HTML elements.

When Krause delved into browsers, he found that the TikTok thing does other things that are pretty nasty, like monitoring app users’ input and keyboard clicks. This means that if someone opens a webpage directly from the video app and enters information like credit cards, for example, they can easily provide that information to the app.

Despite this, the researcher analyzed that TikTok is not the only application that forces users to open pages in an internal browser, without giving access to the user’s default browser, so it is always a good idea to be careful about the information we enter through them.

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platform justification

In a statement to Forbes, a TikTok spokesperson reported that these practices are already happening through the company. However, according to him, the JavaScript code is only for cleaning, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting. The goal, in this case, is to improve the user experience, but it’s always good to pay attention to details.

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