June 4, 2023

Does work make you sad? This research may reveal why!

After all, what brings us happiness? This question has been the basis of research at Harvard University that has been going on for more than 85 years. The study had one goal: to follow the lives of 700 people. This has already been done.

Of course, the study has changed over the years, as it has followed more people. This is because the first volunteers found partners and had children, who also began to pursue research – with permission, of course.

The study, which began in 1938, monitored the psychological and physical state of the participants during periods of stress and happiness. At the time, the fourth research director, Professor Robert Waldinger, published a book using the information from the study. This book was called “The Good Life” or “The Good Life” in direct translation.

In it, Waldinger reveals that the true way to achieve happiness is through relationships. Many researchers before Waldinger and the other three directors of research stated that humans are social beings, and therefore, interaction with others is what gives meaning to life.

It is important to stress here that although love relationships are very important to people, when we talk about happiness, these relationships are not just love, because we also have friendships and family ties.

Logically, a loving partner is someone with whom we are going to share a good part of our lives. However, these are not the only partners we have in life, or who we will be with.

So the question remains: What about work? How do we achieve happiness in our work?

The search for happiness and its relationship to work

This is actually very simple. If the finding is that our happiness comes from interacting with others, jobs that bring us closer to our loved ones tend to bring more satisfaction.

Obviously, the work environment is often a stressful place, but having a friend/colleague to vent or complain about a situation brings us more peace of mind.

Therefore, the opposite is also true, that is, jobs that isolate us socially will bring more unhappiness. This is the case of the night shift without company, for example.

The issue referred to here is that no matter what your job or business is, the important thing is to look for a company. It doesn’t have to be much, just get someone to share your struggles with.