October 1, 2022
Dog found in a Missouri cave two months after it went missing |  Globalism

Dog found in a Missouri cave two months after it went missing | Globalism

A group of explorers have found thirteen-year-old dog Abby, who went missing two months ago, in a cave in Perry County, Missouri. The cave is part of the Moore System, the second largest group of caves in the state, and is about 35 kilometers long.

Cave scientist Rick Haley, 66, and 30 others were exploring the cave as part of a project for the Cave Research Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to the preservation and study of caves throughout the United States.

Hayley was one of the campaign coordinators and was warned by the fire department that a dog had gone missing in the cave. She was spotted by a family who entered the scene before Haley’s set and called 911.

To rescue the dog, the firefighters called on Haley for help, who called on her colleague Jerry Kane – both of whom have specialized training in cave rescue.

Haley and Keene had to traverse narrow passages to reach Abby, who was weak and completely filthy, about 500 feet from the cave entrance. “She showed no injuries, but she was very malnourished, only skin and bones. She was also covered in mud,” Hailey said.

Haley squeezes through one of the cave passages – Photo: Reproduction

According to him, the dog was afraid and reluctant to walk, and he had to be taken out of the cave in a bag wrapped in a blanket. The rescue took about an hour.

A member of the group who was with Haley snapped pictures of the dog and went out into the local neighborhood looking for the owner, who was shocked when he heard the news.

After leaving the cave, Hayley explained that while her training did not include animal rescues, many of the techniques and knowledge used in saving people can be applied.

Abby’s dog rescued by cave pioneers in a cave in Missouri, USA – Photo: clone

It is not known how long Abby stayed in the cave or how she survived during the two months she was missing. According to Haley and Keene, the place where they were found was a small stream with small fish and crustaceans, but it was completely dark.

Haley believes the dog must have entered the cave while chasing an animal, such as a raccoon or mouse. For him, Abe may have been moved to the bottom of the cave because of the heavy rains and floods that hit the area at this time of year.

Hayley and classmate Ken take the dog Abby out of the cave. – Photo: clone