September 24, 2022
Dogs and pony Elizabeth II attend the Queen's funeral |  Globalism

Dogs and pony Elizabeth II attend the Queen’s funeral | Globalism

some animals in Queen Elizabeth II They were taken to the King’s funeral service on Monday (19).

Emma, ​​a black pony, watched the procession pass through the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Emma, ​​Elizabeth II’s dowry, near the Queen’s funeral procession, on September 19, 2022 – Photo: Andrew Matthews/Reuters

Two of the Queen’s dogs, Sandy and Moick, were also brought upon the arrival of the coffin to the castle, where Elizabeth’s body lay.

Restrained by palace officials, the dogs waited patiently in the castle courtyard.

The Queen, who died this month at the age of 96 after 70 years on the throne, has always loved corgis and horses (she’s always enjoyed riding). Their second son, Prince Andrew, will now take care of the dogs.

Queens Corgis during Elizabeth II’s funeral procession on September 19, 2022 – Photo: Peter Nichols/Reuters

After 4 days of open awakening as the coffin was visited by about 400,000 people to honor Queen Elizabeth II (among them more than 100 heads of state and kings from all over the world), The King’s body has been moved to Windsor Castlelocated in the outskirts of London.

There was a religious ceremony at the Capela de São Jorge, where the coffin would be buried. The mass was attended by the royal family and world leaders.

The coffin was placed in the middle of the choir area. The royal crown, sceptre and religious globe, which were on top of the sarcophagus, were moved to the altar at the beginning of the ceremony. a King Charles III A piece of cloth representing the Grenadier guards, one of the oldest royal collections, was placed on the sarcophagus.

The final burial ceremony was not open to the public; But only for family members.

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