June 26, 2022
Dogs surrounded by lava disappear in La Palma and the group leaves a mysterious message

Dogs surrounded by lava disappear in La Palma and the group leaves a mysterious message

Livia Mara, SP – Four dogs who spent weeks surrounded by lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the Spanish island of La Palma, were removed from the site by an unknown group.

Self-titled Team A, the group left a message in the tank where the hounds have taken refuge and claims they are fine. However, the destination is uncertain, and the mother-in-law asks for information about their whereabouts and health status.

The disappearance of the animals occurred after activists and a company launched an unprecedented operation to rescue animals with drones, last week.

However, during a test flight, no dogs were seen, but Aerocamaras identified human footprints in the ashes, a danger zone. On the site is a sign reading “For├ža, La Palma. The dogs are fine”, and signed “A Team”.

One of the reasons for the secret rescue is impunity, since access to the area is blocked.

Rescuers took the risk, though measurements showed that the temperature of the lava around the ground had cooled, allowing them to walk there.

After the disappearance, an anonymous video also shows the dogs eating and looking good. However, the NGO Lillis claims that the images predate the eruption and compares the images of the extremely skinny animals while they were isolated and fat, in the video.

The NGO is demanding that current photos of the animals be published, with the daily confirming the date of registration. Another question is whether they are with the teacher, who had to leave the place in a hurry due to the eruption, or in some shelter. The protectors also want to know if the furry is receiving proper veterinary care.

During the period of isolation in the tank, the animals received food through a drone. The planned rescue with the equipment would be an unprecedented operation, with the permission of the authorities.

The idea was to send a powerful drone with a net and thus remove each dog. But there was an expectation of how the animals would react, which was already confirmed by the situation.