August 19, 2022
Dolio dismisses Diego Costa in Corinthians: 'Not interesting in terms of staying' |  Corinthians

Dolio dismisses Diego Costa in Corinthians: ‘Not interesting in terms of staying’ | Corinthians

Dulio Montero Alves, President Corinthians, excluded on Friday, live from Central de Mercado, GiveSigning striker Diego Costa at this time.

– the CorinthiansAnd just to be clear, don’t wait for any player. If you want to play in CorinthiansLet’s talk. If not, we won’t. want to play in it Corinthians With a Saudi salary, I do not want to play here. We are in our economy, our exchange rate, and a discounted real value. the Corinthians He made no proposal to Diego and was waiting. No, the Corinthians Listen, after finishing, what he intended to play here. We are studying. made clear that Corinthians He won’t bring Diego Costa – He said.

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– It’s not interesting where I stayed. will not play in Corinthians, only if the values ​​change. I can think that in this window he will not come to Corinthians. A great player, I love him so much, he is the face of the club, he will help us, we miss him. But it is a process in which the account is not closed.

Diego Costa, former Atlético-MG player – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

President Corinthians Guaranteed: The club will bring a striker. But he emphasized that this would not be due to financial irresponsibility.

– I have a partner to help Diego, but he can help another athlete. Even with the sponsor paying, there is no reason not to take responsibility. the Corinthians It’s still on the market, studying, without rushing, the same way we did last year. No problem. Here I am representing a giant club, and I know they want No. 9 at the top level. Let’s get into it, we are looking for a strong player, but you have to be patient. It is the time to do so, which fits with the planning. But let it be within what we understand to be a good deal. In Diego’s case, today we don’t like the way it was presented. He never doubted playing in CorinthiansI just heard a wish.

Duilio confirms Internacional's search for Gabriel

Duilio confirms Internacional’s search for Gabriel

According to Duilio, the club is talking about a wide range of possibilities.

– I spoke with 30 strikers, not because we are looking for them, but because they are looking for us. Entrepreneurs are also grown to put their names in the directory. People in this aspect get beaten up by those who do not like the athlete. When the athlete doesn’t come, we get what they like.