September 26, 2023
Dollar closes slightly lower with US holiday and some trade - Money Times

Dollar closes slightly lower with US holiday and some trade – Money Times

The dollar traded in a non-directional way, but fell slightly on a weak trading day with US and European holidays on the radar (Image: Pixabay/ClassicallyPri)

oh dollar in cash It traded down 0.2% against the real BRL 5.15 For sale, in low liquidity trading with holidays America.

American currency Driven with no defined direction throughout the daySome businesses.

Nevertheless, the dollar showed some volatility in the range between R$5.15 and R$5.18.

A transaction manager at a local brokerage commented that the movement was followed overseas, where the dollar remained strong against its peers.

oh Dollar symbol It was driven to a maximum, reaching 110.2 points – the highest level in more than 20 years.

In addition, foreign inflows are flowing Brazilian scholarship contributed to the fall in the exchange rate.

Europe on the front

Professionalism highlights that without America, the focus has shifted Europe. in the middle Bad energy crisis There, the European stock markets ended lower.

However, ahead of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy decision (ECB)The euro rose against the dollar.

“Investors expect upside [da taxa de juros] After inflation indices, 0.75 percentage point Euro zone Show even higher levels,” comments Cleber Alessie, operator of Commcor Corretora.

Additionally, caution with the economic slowdown and the energy crisis on the continent supports the possibility of interest rate increases of this magnitude, he says.

An event that remains on the market’s radar — mainly after another disruption, indefinitely, in gas supplies to Europe by Russian giant Gazprom.

Eve for another holiday

Tomorrow, the North American market will resume, but here the weather will be ahead of the holidays. However, liquidity is reduced again.

As the local holiday returns, investors will digest the ECB’s monetary policy decision, which should be cautious.

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