December 5, 2023
Domingão, Crianca Esperanca and Ana Maria: Paulo Vieira gives only on Globo - 8/16/2022

Domingão, Crianca Esperanca and Ana Maria: Paulo Vieira gives only on Globo – 8/16/2022

completely after Shine in the first appearance of Battle of Lip Sync on Sunday stagewhere he competed with Leticia Colin in a captivating dubbing duel, Paulo Vieira lives an intense program on Globo screen.

Celebrated by critics and also on social media, he was one of Crianca Esperança’s band leaders of the year. You have said that live programming is an asset that should be used less sparingly by broadcaster entertainment. Monday’s show made good demonstrations of this.

Together with Marcos Mion, Tadeu Schmidt, and Taís Araújo, they presented one of the best versions of the special in many years. In the midst of chaos and improvisation, great messages—like showing Gloria Grove dressed as Xuxa with MC Rebecca as Paquita.

Paulo Vieira showed all his wits in his interactions with his colleagues, and also referred to the old version of Crianca Esperança, citing Brenato Aragao and his famous proverb “Is there bread in heaven?”

The artist did not have much time to rest, as he flew from Rio de Janeiro earlier this Tuesday to São Paulo to also participate in Mais Você. Ana Maria Braga had breakfast with Vieira and took the opportunity to tell her trajectory on TV, replaying videos from her debut on Multishow and Domingão do Faustão.

Right at the opening, the comedian showed audio recordings of his mother asking her not to overeat. The production also recorded parent and girlfriend testimonials.

Even clearly exhausted and emotional, he had wonderful chemistry with Anna Maria Braga, who was completely charmed by the guest. They promised to repeat it soon, and now to make some recipes together.

This week also presents the new season of Rolling Kitchen Brasil, a celebrity cooking show that he presents on GNT.

I think the perfect time has come for Globo to concentrate all these versions of Paolo Vieira into one product, with a wide range and strong popular appeal. The question is no longer if this will happen, but when.

We will come back anytime with new information.