February 2, 2023

Domingo Espitacular reveals that Simaria’s ex-husband stole it

Domingo Espitacular raised Simaria’s complaint against her ex-husband

a Wonderful Sunday Simaria filed a complaint against her ex-husband, Vincent Skrig, with whom she was married for 14 years and has two children. The report stated that Simon’s sister went to the police to report the theft of five million riyals.

According to Domingo Espetacular, Simaria and her ex-husband had a joint account and he transferred five million from that account to his personal account. Thus, another controversy was added to the list of scandals of the former couple.

Domingo Espitacular also featured excerpts from the child custody battle. Simon accuses her ex-husband of defaming her children and that this is psychological tampering with the heirs. The former disagrees and says that the story will not be quite like this.

Plus, Simaria has already shown that she’s radiant after her 14-year marriage ended. In statements shared by Domingo Espitacular, she confirmed that she is now much better off than when she was married.

sensitive message

It turns out that the famous seer, Lynn is sensitiveshe decided to go out into the audience and tell about the current intimate life of the artist, leaving a stunned warning to her former colleague, Simaria Mendez. “The lonely woman Simaria, isn’t she? A wonderful boy enters her life,” said the seer.

In spite of Simaria Being in a complicated divorce, with theft reported, she has highlighted on other occasions that she is not going to seek a new relationship, but is dedicating herself to raising children and taking care of her health.

But predictions Lynn is sensitive accurate and must be taken into account. “Hold your belly, daughter, if you’re not, you’ll be pregnant!” , shot the seer on its social networks in a message to Simaria Mendez.

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