Dominic Champagne wants to “certainly” be active during the federal election campaign

Dominic Champagne veut «assurément» être actif pendant la campagne fédérale

The leader of the green Party of Canada Elizabeth May joined Sunday by Dominic Champagne to sign the “Pact for transition.”

In an interview with The canadian Press after the meeting, Dominic Champagne has indicated that he would “certainly” be active during the federal election campaign, which will take place in the fall.

The director is said to have forged links with various groups outside of the province:

“It is in connection with a number of environmental groups canadian, so something should emerge shortly, somewhere between the Covenant and the “Green New Deal”, and I think it is important that English Canada is mobilizing in considering the important issue, in particular the alberta oil.”

The “Green New Deal”, which refers to Mr. Champagne is a plan of action to combat climate change ambitious launched a few days ago by elected democrats in the United States.

According to the instigator of the “Pact for transition”, the challenge of climate change should be the main issue of the next federal election. “It is Canada that has sunken in oil for two generations, it is Canada that has turned upside down the whole policy and economic development in the name of the prosperity brought by the oil. So now it is a time of choices.”

Dominic Champagne is of the opinion that it is possible to resolve some of the problems caused by the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by individual actions, but he adds that the major economic policies are still much more important than the sum of individual action.

“There is enough oil under the ground in alberta for this to be game over for the climate, then it is necessary that the mobilization of the canadian manifests itself as a counterweight to politicians like Doug Ford and the conservative pro-oil. “

In addition to Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party, Dominic Champagne said he had received, on the federal scene, the support of the New democratic Party and Bloc Québécois.

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