June 4, 2023

Domitila Barros finally finds a boyfriend and meets a fan during a trip to Germany


The former BBB posted a vlog about her trip to Germany, which features cute scenes of her meeting Bey and the city where she lived.

photo: Instagram/Domitila Barros

After five months away from her boyfriend, Domitilla Barros returns to Germany and finally finds the boy. The former BBB arrived in the country a few days ago, only to finalize her move to Brazil. Miss is leaving the country after 17 years of living in Europe, but is leaving there with German Moritz Carlo, her partner who found her at the airport.

In a video posted on her Instagram profile, the activist stirred up her followers by showing her first date with her boyfriend as soon as she got off the plane. “Like we agreed, here’s a little VLOG from my trip to Germany, I’ve finally found Bey. And I can show you a little bit of the city I’ve lived in in recent years,” she begins.

photo: Instagram/Domitila Barros

The former BBB also used the post to reflect on the dilemma of sustainable compliance with CO2 emissions while traveling. “It is important to think of ways to compensate […] liability for carbon dioxide emissions. Ex: take less baggage and prefer flights with fewer stops, use public transportation…,” he wrote, giving fans tips.

The model also showed her followers some details of her return to Brazil. It intends to establish itself in the country soon, as it has several projects underway and others to be implemented since the end of BBB23. The influencer has been slowly revealing her current career plans and has already announced that she is moving in with her boyfriend.

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