March 24, 2023
"Donkey" · TV News

“Donkey” · TV News

Diolane Bezerra Once again threatened to “disrupt” Barbara Borges during the farm formation this Tuesday (15) on farm 14🇧🇷 The farmer even said she was bullied by her rival several times in Record’s reality by sending her straight to the hot seat. The lawyer shot the lawyer: “Cross my way and see if I’m not really broken.”

The influencer has already spoken To attack the actress in the sedition match on Sunday (13).🇧🇷 Shoot “Oh, I want to break her face. I’m going to slap her.”

Barbara recalled the episode when MC Kevin’s widow (1998-2021) was nominated to compete for popular preference. He spoke, “My candidacy cannot yet contradict my position. The reasons are many: narcissism, arrogance. She is manipulative, unfair, she is a dangerous woman.”

The interpreter also mentioned that Deolane’s game was “sloppy,” specifically because of the threats:

For me, what scares me is the criminal lawyer, with her power and influence, appearing on a TV show and being threatened. [as pessoas]🇧🇷 She says she is threatened there. It’s a contradiction. You, Deborah Albuquerque, threatened me that she would kill us there. This to me is unacceptable, and very dangerous. As long as I am here, I will resist.

Deulan ends up arguing with Barbara when she answers her about the nomination, with the right to call her “arse” and tell her to shut up.

“You don’t change the record, every time it’s the same conversation. When you talk about pride, from the start, it’s because I got here and everyone in the house wanted to attack me. It was said here in a dynamic, including by people from my group who didn’t want to go with me to Fields ”, shoot the blonde.

a look:

Roca de A Fazenda

Dulan also said that he defended Barbara against an alleged lie from Deborah, who wanted to hurt her at the game. “The one who threatened me is you, who threatens me for the simple fact of saying, ‘There I will break your face.’ And you cross my path to see if I am not really breaking on him,” Justice.

And another: you slandered me, you do not respect my profession. I studied eight years to graduate and you call me a criminal lawyer. I am not like you who degrade people. You don’t have the courage to stand up for what you believe. Afraid. I have 15 million followers on my merits, because if I didn’t have content, I would be just as obsolete as you are.

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