April 13, 2024
"Don't do that, I beg you" · TV News

“Don’t do that, I beg you” · TV News

Kamisha (Kizzy Vaz) will scream in terror as she receives a sentence worse than death and is accused of killing Amaryllis (Mariana Alexander) in origin. After all, Chiche (Fernando Peacock) will tear his son from her arms before sending her into exile in Nubia. “Don’t do this. Don’t let me get away from my child! I beg of you,” she would plead in Record Bible’s novel.

The King of Egypt will promote a witch hunt in the palace to avenge the murder of his sister, Who was the victim of a file burn. will send until Most of the servants who work in the gallows kitchen To serve their families with poisoned wine.

Potiphar (Val Perré) will put an end to terrorism by revealing that Amarilis is suspected of being his sister-in-law. In the scenes that will be shown next Tuesday (21).In soap operas by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raffaella Castro.

“I will never betray you. You know,” Kamcha will insist when her husband confronts her. So explain to me how Apepi [ator não divulgado] Did you manage to enter the palace recently? How did you not get hurt from the attack at the party and how did you manage to poison the amaryllis? ‘ will ask the king.

“I don’t know, I have no explanation for any of this. Someone else received this letter, not me. The amaryllis poisoning was fatal, and it had nothing to do with me. You will banish me while the real culprit remains. Free to continue acting.” .

Amaryllis (Mariana Alexander) in Genesis

Is Kamesha a villain in Genesis?

Chichi will explain that he softened Kamcha’s pity, because the right thing is to judge her And they kill her for high treason. “Would you really have the guts to do this to me? Take me out of your life?” , the noble will shoot.

“Go to the harem and pack your things. You will leave tomorrow,” he will judge Fernando Bavao characterWhen she turns to the young woman, she does not see tears streaming down her face. “Our son. I’ll pack his things too. He’ll come with me,” she would point out.

The pharaoh will add: “You know very well that he will not go with you,” while his companion drops to her knees right in front of him. “By Ra Shishi! By all gods! Don’t do that! Don’t let me get away from my child! I beg of you,” cried Kamcha, crying.

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