March 30, 2023
"Don't Say That Anymore" · TV News

“Don’t Say That Anymore” · TV News

This Friday (8), Solange Gomez praised and praised Thiago Picuelo, but ended up irritating the participant Farm 2021. The former Banheira do Gugu stated that the citizen, now that he had escaped from the fields, would serve as an example to the other men in the house. “Don’t say that anymore,” the singer asked, uncomfortable with the comment.

Seated next to the musician, Solange suggested that he was the only male member with the correct postures within confinement. “Tiago stayed here, it’s good that he will teach some people to be men,” she said. He said, “Please don’t say that.”

“There are things here that, if we can feel for each other, is better than talking. Sometimes we think we’re complimenting someone, but you make them sad. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have that vision but it bothers me, it’s not cool, because we’re in a game” .

The musician explained that the girl’s comment seemed heavy, although she acted in good faith. “If I can make you feel, let me feel it. If I find something about you, let me make you feel. Because, sometimes, I can say something that denigrates, denigrates another, and slanders your reputation,” continued his fellow countryman.

After speaking, Tiago thanked him for the compliment, but again asked Solange not to repeat the same sentence. “Don’t say that anymore, no. I feel bad, really bad. You’re talking outside, it’s okay, but here, no.” “I understand,” replied former Banyu Gogo.

Where do you watch The Farm 13?

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