February 1, 2023
Don't want to pay taxes?  These banks offer fee-free annual cards

Don’t want to pay taxes? These banks offer fee-free annual cards

You are credit cards Without an annual salary has become the great offer for many traditional and digital banks. It is the choice of many Brazilians who want to start a relationship with the financial institution, without having to pay a fee. Check out some of the banks that offer credit cards No annual salary And choose yours.

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With such a great offer the first tip is to research the cards on the market before deciding which card to rent. Annual forgiveness is a good form of savings. Increasingly, digital banks and other institutions are offering this feature and more.

Cards without an annual salary

See below some of the no annual fee credit cards and more benefits offered by the institutions. are they:

1. Nobank: The credit card has the Mastercard brand. It has no annual fees or maintenance fees. Customers have the advantage of unlimited transfers and payment of coupons and discounts on card installments in advance.

2. Banco Inter: A digital bank is another option that guarantees a credit card without charging an annual fee. Valid for local and international cards. Another great feature that attracts many customers is the money back guarantee on the amount of the bill.

3. Bank C6: Despite recent complaints from customers regarding limit reduction due to lack of traffic, C6 Bank is making the list for not having an annual salary. The credit card also has a cashback of up to 1.30% through the Átomos points programme.

how to hire

Credit card assignment is almost always done through apps or websites of digital banks. By accessing the official platforms, customers can see all the advantages and advantages of each service, as well as learn more about each organization’s offer.

Banks like Will Bank Also offers a credit card with no annual fee, as well pickup And the neon🇧🇷 Did you see just how many options? So, research well before making a decision.