October 1, 2022
Treino do Flamengo no Ninho do Urubu

Dorival should start Flamengo as a starter against Fluminense. See who should play

Flamengo qualified for brazil cup final By beating Sao Paulo 1-0, last Wednesday (14), in the Maracana, but now he is turning his attention to Brazilian Championship. This Sunday (18), at 16:00, Robro Negro enters the field against Fluminense, also in the Maracana.

At the post-match press conference with the Sao Paulo coach Dorival Junior He has not confirmed which team he intends to take to the field. The Flamengo captain alternated players between cups and the championship. However, after the match with Fluminense, there will be a 10-day break without matches, in which the national teams will play on two FIFA dates.

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With this, Flamengo will be able to use more mounts than usual. According to the conclusions of the club, Dorival Junior should merge the two teams, saving only older players and those with physical problems.

Therefore, Flamengo must enter the field with a mixed team. Of the hosts who have played against Sao Paulo, David Luiz, Filipe Luis and Arrascaeta have little chance of playing on Sunday, at least initially.

David Luiz, 35, is out two games in a row and should rest. Filipe Lewis, 37, should maintain a routine of playing only one game per week. Arrascaeta, who complained of pain in the pubic area, should be avoided.

Therefore, it is natural to think of Flamengo on the field against Fluminense with Santos, Rodini, Fabricio Bruno, Leo Pereira and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Joao Gomez, Everton, Victor Hugo, Gabigol and Pedro. Both Rede Globo and Premiere broadcast the match from 4pm.

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