December 6, 2023
Dorival wins the Brazilian Cup again after his return

Dorival wins the Brazilian Cup again after his return

Over the top of the podium address Brazil Cup 2022 Represents the return of coach Dorival Jr. The captain led Flamengo to the championship title, after his team won the championship title Corinthians Penalties in the Maracana packed.

Appointed during the season, the coach overcame the distrust of the fans and Conquer Brazil again after, after Beat prostate tumor and covid-19goes through an unexpected separation and makes a decision about the first breach of contract of his career.

“It was an honor to come back to Flamengo one day. For me, it was a complicated and difficult decision, but I heard my heart out in that moment because I had to go back to Flamengo at some point, I didn’t expect that to be now,” he said after the title. flamingo

It was Dorival’s arrival in Javea It became official on July 10distance Trade concluded the day before. At that time in Ceará, the commander chose to go in a new direction and accepted the invitation to replace Paulo Sousa.

This may have been an opportunity to end a job that started in 2018, but that has not continued after the arrival of the newly elected board headed by Rodolfo Landim, who is currently in his second term.

He told FlaTV, “I just thought that one day I would go back to Flamengo. It’s such a pleasure, to live a moment like this again.”

The reunion was far from unanimous and was surrounded by some skepticism and disbelief on the part of fans. However, gradually, Flamengo warmed up and saw captain Palmeiras on the horizon in the Brazilian, but he took off even in the cups, when he was considered the starting team and secured a place in the finals.

Lifting the Copa do Brasil, Dorival achieved an unprecedented feat in this “golden age” through which Robro Negro passes and ends with the “thorn in the shoe” that became the competition. Despite various accomplishments in 2019 and beyond, and being cited as one of the favorites in recent years, Fla’s disappointments have accumulated in recent editions of the tournament.

healthy rest

Dorival reclaims his national title a few years after his big personal win. In the first half of 2019, during routine exams, coach Discover prostate cancer. At that time, due to illness, he refused invitations to work from some Brazilian clubs.

Dorival Júnior, Athletico-PR coach, during a match against Cascavel CR in the arena - Joao Vitor Rezende Borba / AGIF - Joao Vitor Rezende Borba / AGIF
Photo: Joao Vitor Resende Borba / AGIF

In September of the same year, in a conversation with UOL EsporteExplain that the first sign that something is wrong is the increase in the value of PSA [enzima que detecta níveis de tumor, utilizada para diagnóstico de câncer de próstata].

“With this change in PSA, which was very significant, my doctor ordered additional tests to investigate. That was when we first discovered cancer, thank God. We talked about treatment possibilities and he confirmed that surgery was the best of them.” Very calm, even excited, because I found out so early. I will be ready again for the job market soon.”

“Cancer made me give another value to life,” said the technician, in a new conversation with UOL EsporteAlready this year. “The afternoon coffee tradition comes from my dad,” he said with a laugh. “I lost him, and I let him go. But after facing this illness, that moment made sense again, and I totally got it back. Coffee.”

unexpected season

Dorival Júnior’s first job after this period was at Athletico-PR, in 2020. However, at the club he faced what he considered an “unexpected resignation”. It was two months before the team before competitions were suspended due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In July, the calendar was resumed and the typhoon took the title Campeonato Paranaense. In Brazil, the journey began with two victories and one defeat. In August, however, Dorival was removed after Positive test for corona virus. Without the coach at the grass edge, there have been three defeats in Brazil in three matches. When you return from isolation just spent.

Dorival Jr., coach of Atletico Paranaense - disclosure - disclosure
Image: disclosure

“The separation was unexpected for me, but nothing surprises me anymore in football Brazilian football,” he said, “in Brazilian football, you work, and the next week, you have to achieve results. no one can. It is too much impatience, you search for results for the sake of results, not thinking about work, or about development; Don’t think about what the guy does inside the club.”

Controversial goodbye

Chosen to replace Paulo Sosa, Dorival Jr. was in Ceará, but quit to take over from Fla. He said in an interview with SBT.

The departure left Fuzao fans angry and angered President Robinson de Castro. The club has agreed with Marquinhos Santos on the vacancy.

Nickname with Santos “Dream Team”

New in this triumphant era for Flamengo, the Copa del Rey is nothing new in Dorival Junior’s career. he is Lifting the cup in 2010when he drove Santos he had NeymarGoose & Co.

Dorival Junior and Neymar VCT Ray Pele de Santos - Ricardo Sipon / Santos FC - Ricardo Saipon / Santos FC
Photo: Ricardo Saibun / Santos FC

Commander Peixe left after Quarrel with Neymar, who, despite his young age at the time, was already considered one of the greats of the team. After cutting the edges, Dorival Jr. indicated a penalty for the player, but the Santos board, on this occasion, did not allow the penalty issued by the coach and decided to resign.

That was, as of tonight, the coach’s only “on the top shelf” national title. On the edge of the grass, is He won the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B in 2009fur VascoWhile, as a player, he was the champion of the same competition for Juventus, in 1994.

From there to here…

After leaving Santos, Dorival Junior wore the shirt of several clubs. He was in his third spell at Flamengo (2012, 2018 and 2022), and he was in Atletico MGand Internacional, Vasco, Fluminense, and Palmeiras in Peixe, São Paulo, Athletico-PR and Ceará.