Doug Ford accuses the unions of students of”nonsense marxist foolish”

Doug Ford accuse les syndicats étudiants d'«absurdités marxistes insensées»

TORONTO — The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, accused the unions of students of”nonsense marxist senseless” in a call by e-mail to donors to the progressive conservative Party.

About Doug Ford were the facts as he underscored the decision of his government to make some fees paid by students in colleges and universities optional and not mandatory.

In the email sent by the party, Mr. Ford argues that the students were “forced to join unions and to pay for those unions”, and that everyone knows what kind of”nonsense marxist foolish reach these students ‘unions”.

The message has sparked condemnation from student groups and opposition politicians who have said that the words used by the prime minister confirmed what they suspected, namely, that the changes announced last month, were motivated by political considerations.

The e-mail of financing – with as subject “At what point the education system was broken?” – also mentions the government’s decision to eliminate free tuition for low-income students, while reducing the overall tuition fees of 10 %.

Mr. Ford argues that these are “small things… but they add up”, before appealing for donations to political training.

Asked about the message in this e-mail of funding, the spokesperson for the progressive conservative Party Marcus Mattinson has argued that changes in the fees students were greater transparency.

The canadian Federation of students (CFS) said that about Doug Ford suggest that the changes by the government to certain charges have been made for political purposes.

“It is, in fact, remove resources to the student groups,” said Nour Alideeb, president of the branch, ontario region, group, adding that the funds are used to support, inter alia, to food banks and centers for women on campus.

The president of the College Student Alliance, Brittany Greig, has expressed its disappointment with regard to the message of Doug Ford, and pointed out that the student unions were democratically elected.

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