February 1, 2023

Dream or nightmare? The manager erupts at the push to do anything

One of the most common desires of many workers who are tired of the boring routine of the week is to be paid for doing nothing. However, this happened to a financial manager in Ireland, who complained about paying the company money to hang out all day.

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According to the Irish Independent, Dermot Alastair Mills gets €121,000 a year (approximately 660,000 rys) from the Irish state railway, Irish Rail. However, he complained that he only spent the day reading the newspaper and eating a sandwich at lunchtime. The job. According to the complaint, the company is paying him to do nothing on purpose.

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The CFO claims he was sidelined and paid to do nothing on purpose. The position will be a retaliation for an interrogation Accounting from the foundation in 2014. At the time, he was responsible for controlling €8 million in debt and had noticed some problems in the process.

In turn, Irish Rail claims it took no action because of the principal’s dispute over state accounts. Although he’s currently being paid to do nothing, Mills’ desire is to get back to feeling useful at work. “I would say if there was something that required me to work out once a week, I’d be happy.”

For justice, the man says he was prevented from performing his duties and held responsible for various tasks after he filed the accounts claim. One of the measures taken from him is to prepare reports for the government and other parties. According to Mills, he wasn’t even called to company meetings and was left out of training and opportunities.

According to the information, the next hearing in the case is scheduled for 2023. All the man wants is to stop pushing for doing nothing all day.