Drivers for Uber flout the law

ReportageLes vehicles to the plates not in geneva do not have the right of shopping within the township. The rule is broken.

Des chauffeurs Uber bafouent la loi

About 1260 transport vehicles with driver (VTC) are registered in the township, according to the State.

Many taxi drivers say that some of their competitors, partners, Uber, do not comply with the law, conducting courses in the township without plates in geneva. The “Tribune de Genève” has sought to verify this by weaving in and out of the realm of Uber.

We are Saturday night, in a BMW typical of the great years of James Bond, in the parking Garage of the Wings, avenue Louis-Casaï. At 22: 45, a Hyundai, registered in the canton of Vaud, arrived in the city centre. She passed several cars with the plates in geneva that begin with the number 96 is the distinctive sign of the transport vehicles with driver (VTC) in the canton.

In the middle, the place is nicknamed the “parking Uber”, the overwhelming majority of VTC who stop being connected to the application american. The cars are parked, but driving there is always someone waiting for a race. The Hyundai is a free place.

The “Tribune de Genève” is betting that his driver is going to make a run to the airport, quite close, and expect the Hyundai to the exit of the parking Cointrin.

The night belongs to Uber

At this time, most of the cars that turned up to the airport terminal building are 96, a first sign that night of the power of Uber. The vehicles that work with the multinational, absent five years ago, now appear to be more numerous than the taxis. Our Hyundai arrives thirty minutes later, with two passengers on board.

It is the following. If it was directed to the canton of Vaud or France, his race would have been legal. Article 13 of the law on taxis and the VTC, in force since July 2017, stipulates that a vehicle is not registered in Geneva can exercise his activity only if it serves a customer came to another canton or if the place of destination is located outside of its borders. Our man files yet his client in Grand-Saconnex.

Our infographics on Uber and taxis

Twenty minutes later, we put it to the avenue du Mail, in front of the Moulin Rouge. A quantity appalling of plates 96 coming in front of us, the low range models often, far away from the E-Class that you associate with Uber.

At midnight forty, a Mercedes with plates of vaud turns on the side of the place Neuve is closed for the Race of Climbing. In a dozen hours, Julien Wanders will triumph, but this time, it is Uber that reigns over the city. The giant saves its demand peaks at night and on the weekend.

It sneaks between the 96. The Mercedes stops behind the position of the Mont-Blanc. Applications for connecting drivers with their clients are location-aware, and this causes the VTC to wait in strategic locations, close to train stations, night clubs, Cointrin. The taxi drivers have places to wait that are set aside, the VTC seek out places where they can.

The driver if is it disconnected? He is at the wheel, but his car remains motionless. During the first years of Uber in Geneva, in 2014 and in 2015, his partner groaned under the demand. Now that they are more numerous, they expect more and their incomes decline.

Cointrin and night clubs

In the middle, one lives in poverty. In the Face of the VTC, the taxi drivers wait still more between the races and see their sales slumping. On the side of the VTC, many observers believe that Uber and other broadcasters of racing must treat drivers as their employees and pay their expenses.

We are heading towards a parking lot adjacent to the Village in the Evening, in the lair of the Uber. At 2 o’clock in the morning, the VTC reign. It follows a Citroen C4, registered on the territory of the vaudois, which comes from the discharge of clients and share park street School-of-Medicine, another stronghold of the party in Geneva. On the sidewalk, young alcoholic rub shoulders with a bunch of vehicles in the queue. A contrast to usual now, even on week nights, as if the night belonged only to the party-goers and Uber.

It will be long. The drivers that connect to the middle of the night – peak hours in the middle – earning up to three times more than the other, according to a prospectus of the american multinational, which indicates that the application is maximum up to 5 o’clock in the morning on the weekend.

According to many taxis, dozens of VTC to the plates not in geneva regularly engaged in their activity in the township, in any illegality, especially at night. Contacted, the press service of Uber has not wanted to comment on the cases cited in this article, and did not want to untie the police Service in the trade and the fight against undeclared work (PCTN) of its secret function on these issues. According to the State, 1260 VTC is registered in the canton.


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