March 30, 2023
drop is the first VAC expired player to qualify for the Major |  5 . draft

drop is the first VAC expired player to qualify for the Major | 5 . draft

AndreiDropAbreu makes history with very angry. Be one of the youngest players to qualify for a major and the youngest to represent Brazil in the most prestigious tournament in history counter strike Scientist, the 17-year-old athlete is going through an intriguing situation to say the least.

By the way, he will be the first player in history counter strike To receive a VAC ban and later qualify for Main. However, this feat was only possible thanks to the flexibility of the rules it imposed valve.

In response to a community call, a developer CS:GO updated its rulebook early in April, giving the green light to athletes banned from the VAC to compete in their leagues after serving a five-year term.

drop will be the first athlete with a VAC ban in history to play a major role | Photo: Disclosure / Immediate

Updating the guidelines allowed players like Vinicius to feel”Fifth dollar mMoreira is back to participate in the tournaments she sponsored valve. player 00 nation, despite the expectations of the audience, did not receive the rating in Main.

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Released now by valveDrop will appear for the first time in PGL Greater Stockholm 2021 with the very angry The next 30 day, with the discount has not yet been determined. The competition will have a record prize pool of $2 million this season.