March 21, 2023
DualSense Edge pre-orders begin in Brazil;  Book yours!

DualSense Edge pre-orders begin in Brazil; Book yours!

The pre-sale of DualSense Edge, a customizable controller developed with esports professionals that will be launched on January 26, 2023, in Brazil has just begun – With very limited units – On Amazon Brazil.

The main advantages of DualSense Edge We are:

  • Fine-tune your aim by adjusting analog stick sensitivity and neutral zones, set trigger depth for faster commands, and quickly switch between profiles to get the best experience in all your games.
  • By manually configuring the left and right triggers, gamers get the best experience in all their games. A fast FPS? Smaller depth shoots faster. Competitive races? Greater depth of reach provides greater throttle control on the track.
  • The DualSense Edge’s rear buttons can be configured to any other button command, ensuring you always have important actions and essential controls at your fingertips. And with two different button styles, you can choose the one best suited for the current game;

The console comes with the following items for customization and shipping:

  • DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard lids
  • 2 long rounded lids
  • 2 low rounded lids
  • 2 semicircular back buttons
  • 2 back lever type buttons
  • conductor room
  • carry bag

Taking advantage of the DualSense Edge pre-sale on Amazon do Brasil, you’re still entitled to free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. In addition, subscribers to the program can enjoy a library of shows on Prime Video and enjoy the benefits of Prime Gaming on Twitch.