October 3, 2023
Duilio ensures that Corinthians' payroll does not exceed R$15 million even with reinforcements

Duilio ensures that Corinthians’ payroll does not exceed R$15 million even with reinforcements

President Duilio Monteiro Alves is in his second year as a key name for the club’s board of directors. Currently with the task of overcoming Luis Castro’s Botafogo rivalThe representative provided clarifications on a college issue in the financial part of Corinthians: payroll cuts.

“Even with all these reinforcements, we’ve reduced. We had more athletes leaving. That’s taking into account Paulinho on the payroll. We have a sponsor who pays 100% of Paulinho. But I’m thinking about the value of the salaries, The person I say spends less than 2020, with Paulinho together. Today I am talking about 15 million Brazilian riyals‘, the president said in an interview with big circleFrom Sport TV.

Duilio has been president since January 2021 and even assembling a star-studded crew, he says the paper has shrunk compared to 2020. Namely, since the beginning of his leadership, Giuliano, Rogue Guedes, Renato Augusto, Carlos Miguel, Joao Pedro, Willian, Paulinho, Bruno Melo and Robson Bambu.

It should be noted that on a larger scale, in addition to the professional team, The second survey of My dreamCorinthians eliminated 80 players. The data includes 21 athletes from the base, 36 from the under-23 team, as well as 23 from the main team. Thus, the president took the opportunity to reveal the spending margin, according to Profut.

Provot talks about investing in football up to 80% of the club’s income. Corinthians are now 61%, 62%, so we still have a huge margin. Corinthians do not use what is expected in the budget. There are expectations of what we can spend. Although it is planned, we do not spend. It’s a reality. We took 30 or 40 players from last year,” Duilio said.

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