Duo Denis-Leblanc: “Playing with him, it is easy”

Duo Denis-Leblanc: «Jouer avec lui, c’est facile»

Louis-Philippe Denis has 67 notices of assistance since the beginning of the season. And dozens of his passes have been obtained on the goals of William Leblanc and his faithful companion-in-arms, who became the best scorer in a season in the history of Inouk.

Denis and Leblanc have almost always played on the same trio this season. And they complement each other wonderfully well. In fact, they are part of those players who “feel” on the ice.

“We made a nice duo, it’s clear,” explained Denis prior to the training session for Inouk Tuesday. I don’t know why, but it clicked very quickly between Will and me. Play with him, it’s fun, it’s easy. “

Denis says that he was very happy when Leblanc beat the mark of Érik Longtin Friday evening in Montreal North.

“Will has worked very hard since the beginning of the season and he deserved to break the record. In addition, there was a lot of pressure on the shoulders for a few weeks and it was not so easy to manage. It’s great what he has done. “

According to Denis, who has played two seasons with the Océanic de Rimouski, Leblanc would have been able to achieve success in the QMJHL.

“He played half a season in Drummondville (2015-2016), which was not enough to allow him to make his evidence. I know that there has been a change of coach, which has perhaps not helped either. It is also certain that he did not have the same level of confidence to 17 years of age to 19 or 20. In hockey, the timing is very important… “

Denis will say that Leblanc is a ” natural “, quite simply.

“He has a shot and he feels the net. A natural talent, this is it. “

Statistics beyond its expectations

But Louis-Philippe Denis knows himself an outstanding season. Fourth best scorer in the junior hockey League AAA, it lacks more than three points to reach the plateau of 100, who has 30 goals.

“Getting off to Granby, I knew that I would have an important role to play, but I didn’t think I’d get so many points. It is certain that this season is very satisfactory. “

Again, Denis will talk about confidence. His level of confidence in him, this time.

“I have confidence in my ability, but this confidence, she does not come alone. Rimouski coach Serge Beausoleil) did not believe in me as Patrice (Bosch), he believes in me. It makes a big difference. “

The Inouk have only two games remaining in the regular season, on Friday in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon and Sunday in Princeville. If they could not hope to finish in first place in the overall standings, they can still finish second, the ones who are only a single point of… Princeville.

“We look forward to the series, it is clear. We don’t really know what to expect from the first round (the famous round-robin tournament), but we’ll see. I think we’ll be ready. “

The lack of vision of the QMJHL

Gilles Lapierre is the former director of recruitment of Inouk. And if the Inouk have always been a team first plan over the years, thanks in part to this great scout of talent.

Lapierre has an opinion, though stopped on William Leblanc, clearly one of the greatest in the history of the franchise. And it has a precise answer to the question that many observers asked : why is “Will The Thrill” has he not had a real chance to make an impression in the QMJHL ?

“The Voltigeurs of Drummondville, but also the other teams of the QMJHL have lacked vision in the case of William,” he said. It has not been recovered even if its qualities offensives were evident, and no one has seen, when he was 17 years old and has played half a season with the Voltigeurs, he would clearly develop as a large marker. Yes, it is a lack of vision, pure and simple. “

Because Lapierre is convinced that Leblanc would have obtained the success in the circuit Courteau at 19 and 20 years old.

“I don’t know if he would have scored 60 goals, but he would have put 30 or 40, I’m sure. The talent and skills are there. It jumps to the eyes ! “

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