March 29, 2023

During Mais Você, Ana Maria Braga exclaimed at the tribute to Tom Vega on Loro José’s birthday: “I miss you so much”


The doll began to be used on television 26 years ago

Photo: Playback/TV Globo and Instagram/Ana Maria Braga

Loro Josea character played by the deceased Tom VegaHis birthday will be on Monday (6). The use of the dummy on television began 26 years ago, in the program Note e Anote led Anna Maria Braga, which was shown on the record. In this Monday’s edition of Mais Você, the presenter swayed when commenting on the date.

during a conversation with blond maneson Loro JoseAnd Anna Maria Braga The deceased was praised Tom Vega And he cried live at Mais Você: “Today will be your father’s birthday, and it is a day of celebration. It is a great longing. We have always celebrated this date, always with great joy, like him,” he said.

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Then the translator blond mane He also declared his love for his father: “I know… Loro Jose! My love for life, my father… I love you,” he declared. The presenter responded by making a comparison between the two characters “He is always in my heart. like blond mane Here, there is no way. “It’s like each other,” he said.

finally, Anna Maria Braga Show a clip with some moments from Loro Jose In more you: “The blond mane did not live with him. So, I want to show you, enjoy that we’re in the mood, one of Loro’s talents, that you took from him,” he said. Tom Vega He died on November 1, 2020, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), due to a stroke (cerebrovascular accident).

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