September 26, 2022
Dynamic Island of iPhone 14 Pro on Xiaomi phones, PS5 news, and more |  TC . Factory

Dynamic Island of iPhone 14 Pro on Xiaomi phones, PS5 news, and more | TC . Factory

It’s time to stay well informed of everything that has happened and most importantly in the past few days in another edition of TC . dutyour little weekly “newspaper” where we break up the week’s best news for you.

In this release, we’ll comment on some news from Sony at its State Of Play event, lower iPhone 14 Plus demand, YouTube with more announcements ahead of videos and also Intel’s plans to bypass AMD.

On another note, we still have the Brazilian government working after the local production of chips and the dynamic island is able to reach Xiaomi smartphones.

Did you miss any news? No problems! Scroll down the page and stay well informed.

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Sony announced several news at the State Of Play event

In a presentation held last Tuesday night (13), A Sony held a State of Play event And it brought some surprises to the audience. The conference began with the announcement of Tekken 8, which brought the theatrical debut to play Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima in an epic fight during a storm on the edge of a volcano.

The video is impressed by the detail in the models, the lighting, and the destruction of the scene. Franchise director Katsuru Harada confirmed that the trailer was an excerpt from the gameplay being played on Playstation 5. Another big surprise from Yakuza producers came with Like a Dragon: Ishin, a remake of the Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin game, derived from the released franchise. It was released in 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but was never translated to the West.

To the surprise of many, the event, which didn’t promise much at first, ended in style with a trailer for God of War Ragnarok. Focusing on the game’s story, it made Atreus face his destiny to become “Loki”, Nine Realms, Odin, Fenrir, Freya, and the long-awaited conflict between Kratos and Thor.

Sony even announced Dualsense under the title. Come on, it has blue and white undertones, it has icons of a wolf and a bear representing Atreus and Kratos. Finally, several games were also introduced for the PlayStation VR 2.

Want to check out all the trailers? its just click here View the event agenda.

iPhone 14 Plus has low demand and indicates an Apple error

in According to the well-known and trusted Ming-Chi KuoThe new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus had “bad” results during presale in the US.

In addition, since the company created high expectations at the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus, the result of the pre-sale can be considered “disappointing”, as it seems that the device did not win the audience.

This is because many consumers prefer to pay more for the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, both of which offer important details such as the dynamic island, the A16 Bionic processor, and the 48MP main camera.

iOS 16 released a little disappointed

Apple is rolling out iOS 16 into its fully supported catalog, but The company disappointed many users iPhone 12, 13 Mini, iPhone 11 and XR models.

This is because the devices don’t get one of the software’s big improvements: the ability to see the battery percentage in the top bar.

Apple doesn’t explain why these devices are left out of date, but we already know that deleting isn’t a bug.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is the heaviest in history

iPhone 14 Pro Max received Heaviest iPhone title Apple has ever produced.

The new flagship from Cupertino weighs about 240 grams, which is very close to the brand Z Fold 4, which is much larger and has more components, including the hinge.

Apple doesn’t say what’s behind all the weight, but the news didn’t please many people.

To make matters worse, analysts believe the trend is to see heavier smartphones from Apple hit the market, possibly beyond the 250g range. That is, a big problem for portability and convenience when using the device.

YouTube starts showing five ads before testing videos

YouTube has angered many users around the world by silently starting a test that may affect the experience of watching videos on the platform. This is because no two are shown now, But five ads before each video.

To make matters worse, these ads cannot be skipped. In other words, the user is obliged to watch all commercials of the most diverse types of products.

In theory, the five ads should be about six seconds long and can’t be more than 30 seconds before the videos. However, there are users who complain when seeing bigger ads on their smart TVs or smartphones.

Commenting on the matter, a YouTube representative confirmed the tests with so-called “bumper ads” and said the exaggerations could be corrected soon.

Also, anyone who continues to see larger ads in the trial period can use the error report page to inform the developers.

The government and the auto industry seek to produce chips locally

The federal government has joined representatives of the auto industry in the search Companies that can manufacture chips in the country. According to Anfavea’s president, Marcio de Lima Leit, the group should visit Japan in search of people interested in establishing themselves in Brazil.

The executive also noted that even if the cost of national production was higher, it would be much better to have the component rather than not having a chip at all. He also commented on the plight of Unitec, a domestic chip maker that is currently out of business.

Located in the Ribeirão das Almas region, in Minas Gerais, Unitec can be acquired by a foreign company to speed up local production, as the building and equipment can start up quickly.

The Brazilian government’s move also follows a global trend to avoid complete dependence on chips produced in Taiwan, where the island could be a target of Chinese military action.

Intel says the 13th generation of CPUs will reach 8GHz

Intel decided to challenge AMD. That’s because the company promises that its 13th generation processors will be more powerful, Up to 8GHz with overclocking.

The information was shared by Tom’s Hardware, which followed the Intel event. The idea is that at least one of the Intel Raptor Lake generation processors will hit 6GHz of performance by default and up to 8GHz via overclocking, which is definitely a direct message for AMD.

For those who don’t remember, AMD has already introduced its own Ryzen 7000 CPUs with 5nm lithography, promising that it will go up to 5.7GHz overclocked.

In case we also mentioned that the 13th generation should have 15% more performance on a single core and 41% more on tasks involving multiple cores, which is really impressive initially and something that can make a huge difference in the end results. .

At the moment, Intel does not reveal all the details of its new powerful processor, but we know that it should be from the Core i9 line. Of course, the company can satisfy the public’s curiosity at the innovation event, which is supposed to take place in California on September 27.

The dynamic island of iPhone 14 Pro could reach Xiaomi mobile phones

Launched in conjunction with the iPhone 14 Pro line, the dynamic island is perhaps one of the biggest novelties of this year’s hardware A must-have for Xiaomi smartphones.

That’s because the MIUI theme developer has created a dynamic island that can be used on Chinese smartphones. The news started spreading this weekend, and it has yet to be approved by the manufacturer’s security team.

The theme is called Grumpy UI and it’s only available in Chinese, but it actually lets you turn the tiny hole in the screen into a useful multitasking tool for switching between apps.

The biggest difference between Apple’s solution and the theme developed for Xiaomi smartphones is only one: the dynamic hole does not allow the front camera area to be used to display a notification, for example.

At the moment, the novelty is still being analyzed and approved by the MIUI theme team, but the implications for Chinese social networks are significant. Therefore, there is a possibility that the theme will be the most downloaded one in the Xiaomi Store.