December 8, 2022
Edge 30 Ultra: The Best Motorola Edition Ever |  Analysis / review

Edge 30 Ultra: The Best Motorola Edition Ever | Analysis / review

a Motorola Edge 30 Ultra It’s Motorola’s biggest launch in the national market now in the second half of 2022. It brings everything the company has to offer, but is it enough to fight with the best of Samsung and Apple?

It salvages the origins of the rim line with a body full of curves at the front and back. It is a cell phone with an elegant finish made of metal parts and tempered glass with good resistance.

Its large screen has high brightness and 144Hz refresh rate for ultra fluidity. The audio part evokes high-quality sound that balances bass, mid, and treble. It just doesn’t beat competitors like iPhone 14 Pro Max in sound power.

The Edge 30 Ultra comes with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor and 12GB of RAM. It impressed us in our speed test and was just under the fastest Android we tested. It also scores high on benchmarks, although Apple still leads the way at this point.

Motorola’s new best-in-class battery lasts well and recharges within 21 minutes thanks to the powerful 125W charger that comes with the device. It’s not the fastest we tested, but it’s among the best at reload time.

And we have the powerful 200MP camera, which is one of the highlights of the Edge 30 Ultra. It takes sharp, high-quality images as you’d expect from a sensor of this size. However, there is still room for improvement, as it does not outperform the smaller sensors in the competition.

Is it worth buying the Edge 30 Ultra? It is without a doubt Motorola’s best cell phone and has a great selection at a price that is not far from the competition. To check all the details, simply access the link below:

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra arrives in Brazil in September 2022 by 6,999 BRL. Below you will find the best offers: