December 5, 2022
Eduardo Costa

Eduardo Costa reveals if he had sex with men: “Barbada na Nuca” –

Certanejo Eduardo Costa interviewed in Rural concept, Youtube channel and, as usual, answered questions that cause a great deal of controversy. When asked about sex and being with other men, Costa replied that the problem for him was the beard:

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“My problem isn’t even that he’s eating me, it’s the razor on the back of the head.”

Then, the most emphatic question concerned sexual experiences with other men, and Eduardo answered in an acid and direct manner:

“I’ve never had sex before and intend to continue without having sex!”

Another controversial question was about virginity, and Costa revealed that he lost it at the age of 17 to a 70-year-old woman. See the full interview below:


Friday 10 June Eduardo Costa And the Mariana Polastrelli Completed a year of datingwhat or what Controversial started On account of his previous statements of inspiring, Eduardo PolastrelliAnd the Claiming that she abandoned him. Recently, they all claimed to be at peace with each other.

However, those who thought that the celebration of the date would be popular are mistaken, as the country singer took the special opportunity to ask her loved ones to marry him, as she said on her official Instagram page with photos of wedding rings. .

“He asked me to marry him on the day of our first year together. Today is our 10th year, our first year in all the years of our lives. We got engaged on the exact date we met, and since then we haven’t been parted for a single day, and in the name of Jesus for our choices we will stay like this for the rest of our lives She said on the social network.

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“I love you my love, and I will live every moment, facing it again to be here where we are. I am so proud of the man you are and so much more than what you have become,” the inspirational relayed.

“I thank you for making me a better human being. May God always be before us, demanding all evil. I love you forever,” Mariana Polastrelli concluded.

Eduardo Costa stated to her in the comments: “Thank you for everything in my life. May God bless us and protect our family from all evil in Jesus name. I love you.”

Mariana Polastreli announces her engagement to Eduardo Costa (Image: Instagram / @marianapolastreli)

As we said above, recently, Eduardo Costa shared a click with Eduardo Polastrelithe ex-husband of the lover and their son Theodoro, explaining that everything is at peace between the two.

“God is born. Only those who do not know me do not love me, I am a man of peace and I try to lighten my life as much as possible with God and with my family,” he said.

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“Today I host Eduardo Polastrelli at home and I will say one thing, we are a family, we are really some people whether they want it or not, whether he wants it or not, whether I like it or not, God and our children make this alliance and I am very happy, thank God.”

“Xará make yourself comfortable, the house is yours, it’s ours. Big hug and move on”, concluded Eduardo Costa.

Posted by Eduardo Costa with his ex-girlfriend on Instagram
Eduardo Costa with Eduardo Polastrelli (Image: Instagram / @eduardocosta)

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