December 5, 2022
Bua Noi in its mall in Bangkok

Efforts to free ‘world’s saddest gorilla’ fail after a store refuses to sell it

Boa Noi Ho The last captive gorilla in Thailand. There are already more than 30 years without freedomin the fence Small zoo in shop At Bata Shopping Center in Bangkok. The gorillas were purchased before a national law against the endangered animal trade was passed.

known as “The saddest gorilla in the world”, Bua Noi (which means little lotus flower in Thai) never left the enclosure it was kept, 10 meters by 20 meters. her too He never lived with another gorilla.

Efforts to free the gorillas and shutdown the mall’s zoo escalated in 2015 as her story swept the world and animal rights groups called for her release. However, every attempt over the years to free the lone gorilla has been rejected.

In recent months, Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has begun negotiating with Bata animal saleApprox. 4.2 million Brazilian Real. A fundraising campaign has been launched.

However, last week, Bata calmed down on the last attempt to free Pua Nui, pointing out The gorilla is not for saleIn an interview with the Bangkok Post.

Bua Noi in his enclosure in a Bangkok mall Image: Reproduction/Twitter

The store management published a note stating that Bua Noi is too old to adapt to a new environment after spending her life in the enclosure..

The mall’s zoo management said that while there were plans to take her back to Germany, where she was born, and put her in a sanctuary with other gorillas. She will not part with her ‘dear animal’ and said that Boa Noi is not a ‘prisoner’.

Gorillas usually live up to about 40 years, so they spent more than 30 years in a zoo in Thailand, There isn’t much time left for Boa Nui to enjoy whatever freedom he can get.