June 30, 2022
eFootball announces first update date for bug fix |  Foot

eFootball 2022 postpones the update and frustrates the masses: a “disaster” | Foot

Most anticipated update of eFootball 2022 will not arrive this year. Konami announced on Friday that the free downloadable content that will bring new modes will be pushed back to the second quarter of next year. The mystery and delay has once again disappointed many fans of the PES franchise.

This update promised on November 11, to transform The fiasco that was launching eFootball In a new game. Likes The first mode for creative teamsImagine Konami going head to head with the rival’s famous Ultimate Team FIFA 22. However, the card system and online games will not arrive this year.

Bug in player physics in eFootball 2022 – Photo: Clone

Friday morning, eFootball 2022 Received the first update. This is enough to fix the bugs and glitches that the game made Worst rated in Steam history. Hours later, via social networks, Konami apologized again and announced the expected delay of the DLC.

– We’d like to let all our players know that Update 1.0.0, scheduled for November 11, has been pushed back to Q2 2022 – says part of the official notice (check it out in full at the end of the article).

In addition to postponing the update, Konami has informed all players who have purchased Premium Player Pack It will be refunded. The community has once again unleashed a barrage of criticism of the Japanese developer. See below the repercussions of the announcement:

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Check out Konami’s full note:

“We would like to inform all our players that the update 1.0.0, scheduled for November 11, has been postponed to the second quarter of 2022. Also, everyone who pre-ordered the Premium Player Pack, which included items that can only be used after the 1.0.0 update. , will be refunded.

We are working hard to deliver the experience our players seek and deserve in the second quarter of 2022.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience and thank you once again for your patience.”