March 22, 2023
eFootball announces first update date for bug fix |  Foot

eFootball announces first update date for bug fix | Foot

Bug in player physics in eFootball 2022 – Photo: Clone

Soon after the release of the successor to PES 2021, Konami received a barrage of criticism. Ugly flaws, unrealistic graphics and inferior gameplay make the community rage. Developer He spoke a week ago, apologized to fans and promised an update To fix e-football issues. Now the update has a scheduled date.

Revolutionary in the franchise that has extended to Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer, eFootball has disappointed legions of fans. Although it is free, the first version of the game did not reach the goal, Which was supposed to break away from competition with FIFA and become a service. On the contrary, it alienated the community itself and the curious who could test the new game.

eFootball: Check out the launch announcement

Check out Konami’s full note:

Thank you so much for playing eFootbal 2022.

We apologize for any inconvenience the game may have caused you. We are preparing eFootball 2022 version 0.91 for release on October 28th. This will focus on fixing issues that have already been reported and those that will be reported by then. We’ll update it as we move forward, matching your feedback and requests in future updates.

Thanks again for continuing to support eFootball 2022.”