June 29, 2022
Imagem de: Elden Ring: quanto tempo demora para zerar o game?

Elden Ring: How long does it take to beat the game?

If you start your journey in elden ring To become the next maiden lord, you must have realized that the maps of the Midlands are gigantic and full of areas to explore, items to collect and eliminate enemies to earn runes and improve your character.

So, you must have already stopped thinking: How long does it take to reset this new one RPG Actions taken by the developer Evil spirits?

Well, this answer seems to vary a lot, with major game industry sites saying it may last from 55 to 87 hours. The popular How Long To Beat story claims that the main story as well as the extras are accessible 63 hoursAnd if you are complete, it is better to keep some 90 hours.

It’s always good to remember that your technique can go up or down this time. Obviously, those who like to take it easy and find all the items and secrets scattered throughout the regions will definitely take longer than those who prefer to just follow the main story.

Therefore, it is probably safe to say that the gameplay can easily be extended to more than 70 hours Unless, of course, you are a producer FromSoftware Who finished the title in a measly 30 hours. This is an addiction, isn’t it?

So, how much time do you already have elden ring? Have you made enough progress or are you stuck in some bosses? Tell us in the comments section!