September 28, 2023
Eletrobras shares become “dear” to analysts and can bring good returns

Eletrobras shares become “dear” to analysts and can bring good returns

On June 13, I contributed Electrobrass Sold on capitalization for the first time on the stock exchange. Since then, the company’s assets in the electricity sector have outperformed the Ibovespa index, the main B3 index. Analysts Consult the value Expect the stock value to rise more.

Become shares of Eletrobras
Eletrobras shares have become ‘dear’ analysts and could generate good returns (Photo: Montage/FDR)

privatization Electrobrass It took the company to a new level. This can be seen in the evaluation Procedures in stock trading. Amid expectations of efficiency gains and cost reductions, experts note Upside potential up to 60% for assets in Duration 12 months.

In the face of expectations of increased results – without ties to the state – experts estimate that it will be The higher the dividend. This is because, historically, Electrobrass Don’t pay like other electric companies.

The stock viewwhich led to privatization Electrobrass Moved nearly 33.7 billion Brazilian reals. This happened after the value of each share was set at R$42 on June 9.

The total initial offering amounted to 30.76 million Brazilian riyals. On the other hand, the secondary total (for current roles), from National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)2.938 billion Brazilian reals.

Banks resume coverage of Eletrobras after privatization

After the privatization of Eletrobras, Banks Brazilians, like BTG charterAnd international companies such as JP Morgan resumed coverage of the company’s shares. These companies have buy recommendation to investment.

In the opinion of analysts BTG, the company begins to have a more efficient management of transportation and management – in the same way as its private sector peers. The enterprise has target price in 62 Brazilian Real Eletrobras shares for the next 12 months.

Analyzers JP Morganin turn, emphasized that Eletrobras is Favorite Energy Company. The reason is that the company “owns everything”. Positive triggers, attractive valuation, stock liquidity, and the ESG thesis behind it were cited.

Over the next twelve months, the US Bank created seven Drivers and Estimated Sources From the company’s assets:

  • reduce costs;
  • Possibility to migrate to Novo Mercado;
  • New demos Financial issuesindicating the impact of privatization on the balance sheet and results.
  • corporate strategy, capital allocation and dividend policy;
  • Responsibility management, including renegotiation of provisions loans Mandatory;
  • repricing of uncontracted energy;
  • Elections and market conditions.

In December 2023, the Foundation target price ‘s favorite assets 64 Brazilian Real.

Silvio Souza

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