February 6, 2023

Eliezer declares his love for Viih Tube with textão and “best moments” from influencer: “It’s perfect”


The designer posted a video of the lover’s best moments to illustrate his statement

Eliezer makes a statement to Viih with the correct text:
Eliezer makes a statement to Viih with the correct text: “He is perfect.” Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of the former BBB.

It took a while, but it happened! Former BBB couple Eliezer and Vieux Tube began a relationship shortly after Boy left Brazil’s most-watched house last year, reaching number four, and the two never let go. At first, The girl, who participated in the world reality show a year ago, said that they had a relationship without labels.

But it didn’t take long for the blonde to fall in love with the designer and admit that she was in love. Now, in the fifth month of pregnancy, they are expecting their first daughter, Loua. It’s the boy’s turn to confess his feelings and make a statement to the digital influencer. Eliezer used his official Instagram account, on Sunday evening (15), to offer a romantic tribute to the cat.

for him He posted a video of the beloved’s best moments to clarify his statement: “Sometimes I find myself looking at you ‘out of nowhere’ and saying ‘Oh my God, this girl/woman is perfect’ and right after the thought of that I feel at peace. I have to thank the guy upstairs for so much so far and for everything we’re building.”began in the caption of the post.

“I know these days have not been easy and I can’t even imagine what you feel but always remember that I am here by your side (literally) for everything and also remember that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world. I love you from here to the moon”, He said. Also this weekend, Viih Tube posted a video showing how ugly it is And this, therefore, has not yet entered much into social networks.

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