September 29, 2023
Passageiro de Primeira

Elo Diners Club will award up to 15,000 bonus points to anyone who reaches spending goals

Will give Elo Up to 15,000 reward points card holders Hello Diners Club issued by Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and CAIXA that reached the spending target pre-set by the banner between July 20 and September 20. The spending target is unique – that is, it is the same for all customers.

spending target

See below for the minimum required spend you must meet to earn up to 15,000 bonus points.

  • Spend from R$5,000 – 5,000 bonus points*;
  • spend from R$10,000 – 10,000 bonus points*;
  • spend from 15,000 R$ to 12,000 bonus points*;
  • spend from R$25,000 – 15,000 bonus points*;

* Only Livelo or BOX.


  • Application period: July 11 – September 20
  • Participation period (card purchases): July 20 – September 20

How to participate

Check out how to share:

  1. being able to this link;
  2. Confirm your mother’s full name;
  3. Click “Confirm Participation”;
  4. Use your Elo Diners Club Card between July 20 and September 20;
  5. Bonus points will be credited by Livelo and/or CAIXA within 60 days after the end of the campaign.

Eligible Cards

The following cards issued by Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and CAIXA are valid:

  • Ello Diners Club
  • Elo Nanjing Diners Club.

Remember that you can register more than one card in the promotion, including additional cards. Total accrual is limited to 100,000 points per CPF and purchases in installments in the promotion will be included in the total amount, regardless of the number of installments.

Are you thinking of participating? click here to register and over here to access the list.