Elon Musk received the first Russian self charging iPhone X

The model was developed by national brand manufacturer of luxury phones and smartphones Caviar and got a PostScript Tesla, which is guaranteed must sympathize with the founder and owner of the brand for the production of electric vehicles.

Илон Маск первым получил российский самозаряжающийся iPhone X


This model iPhone X needs no electric charge, because the back panel is carbon fiber hull equipped with a built battery that allows it to charge from sunlight or light from a bright lamp. Engineers Caviar has spent more than a hundred different tests to make sure that the system is safe, and, most importantly, effective.

Exclusive iPhone X dedicated to the launch of the car from Tesla in space. Its creation was inspired by the Caviar in the first place, such figures as Nikola Tesla, Steve jobs and, of course, Elon Musk. The first instance of the device last sent the gift. Ordinary buyers can purchase the iPhone at the Tesla X price tag 284 thousand rubles.

In may the Caviar company has launched a new “King of phones”, which was dedicated to the inauguration of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Push-button phone called the Inauguration of Diamond made from gold 750-th sample and added accents of leather and dozens of diamonds.


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