December 3, 2023
Elon Musk retracts and "kills" the new official seal of Twitter accounts - 09/11/2022 - Mercado

Elon Musk retracts and “kills” the new official seal of Twitter accounts – 09/11/2022 – Mercado

Which color musk She said in a tweet this Wednesday (9) that she “killed” the “official” seal of Twitter On the same day the new verification regime came into force.

“Please keep in mind that Twitter will be doing a lot of stupid things in the coming months,” the billionaire wrote. “Let us preserve what works and change what does not.”

The “official” seal appeared for a few hours under the username of some profiles on the social network. The idea was to serve as a “verification check” for government profiles, companies, media groups, content publishers, and some public figures. Profile bindingfor example, had the seal during a Wednesday afternoon.

Musk retracted just a day after the Twitter CEO announced the feature. In response to a US YouTuber, the CEO of Tesla said this afternoon that he had “just killed him” and that the already verified traditional blue seal would be the social network’s true standard.

The sudden appearance of the “official” seal has confused social network users as it is similar to the blue seal that appears on the right side of the names.

A back-and-forth amidst advertising is carried out by many companies on the social network. Brands such as Stellantis, General Motors and United Airlines are seeking to understand how community standards and content moderation are being managed by the new Twitter management.

In addition, the Twitter has laid off about half of its employees Last Friday (fourth). However, on Sunday the company contacted dozens of those employees to ask them to return, according to Bloomberg News.

On Saturday (8), the social network updated its application on the Apple App Store, and started Pay 8 USD (40 BRL) for blue verification stamps Identity, in the first major review of the social media platform by Musk.

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