January 31, 2023
Elsa Soares greets and delivers a message to RiR: "Women do what they want" - 11/09/2022

Elsa Soares greets and delivers a message to RiR: “Women do what they want” – 11/09/2022

When was this edition of rock in rioAnd the Elsa Soares He had already accepted a return to Sunset, performing in 2017. He passed away in January of this year, was honored by the group of artists who inspired it: Larissa Luz, Gabi Amarantos, Martinalia, Agnes Nunes, Major and Caio Prado. In the reference, the glorification of women – specifically on the day the festival adopted an all-female lineup, baptized as “Dia Dilas”.

“Women do what they want and give it to whomever they want,” Elsa said in a video tape shown on a large screen at the beginning of the shows.

The actresses sang the song “A .”. MeatAfter that, Gabe Amarantos remembered that Elsa was also her mother’s name, and noted how much the artist had influenced women’s literature in her career.

“Elsa was a platform for us women. Everywhere she took us with her,” she remembered before singing “Moro,” by Dona Ivone Lara and Mauro Duarte.

Gabi Amarantos pays homage to Elsa Soares at ROCK in Rio

Photo: Zo Guimarães / UOL

One of the highlights of Sunday afternoon was when Caio Prado entered the stage in a half-team outfit. Brazilian national team in football In the other, a red dress appeared.

“This outfit presents the possibility of dialogue and exchange because the country needs to resume democracy,” the artist explained. Universe before the show.

Before performing his song “Não recommended” (“pervert, sick, bad boy”), Caillou heard from the audience the song “Out, Bolsonaro”.

The song was chosen by Elza for her album “Planeta Fome”. “[O episódio] It was great for me, because as a black body and a black man I need reassurance all the time. Elsa Soares’ care is unparalleled.”

Tribute to Elza Soares at Rock in Rio 2022 - Clone / Multishow - Clone / Multishow

Larissa Luz and Caio Prado pay tribute to Elsa Soares at ROCK in Rio

Photo: playback / multi-display

After translating Chico Poark’s “Dura na Queda” to Elsa, Larissa Luz also paid attention to the importance of reasserting black bodies.

“This is a show to celebrate our existence and how we take care of black people in this country,” she said to thunderous applause. Watched by women crying, she sang “Maria da Villa Matilde”, about violence against women (“Where’s my cell phone? I’ll call eight zeros / I’ll give your name and explain my address”).

Elsa sang until the end of her life. And his voice continued to reverberate in Rock in Rio. in Song Chosen to close the show, the artists repeated the “Mulher do Fim do Mundo” chorus, with the artist translating the lyrics in the background, in a recording made two days before her death.

“Elsa’s legacy is forever. She’s been fighting a lot together and has given us this wand. We’ll keep fighting,” concluded Gabe Amarantos. Universe.