Emanation of gas in Sani-Eco

Émanation de gaz chez Sani-Éco

Firefighters from Granby have been dispatched to the factory Sani-Eco for a spin-off of gas, at 13: 20 on Wednesday.

Nine people were transported to hospital for mild respiratory problems. Seven ambulances have been seen on the premises.

The team that worked on the line sorting has experienced headaches and stomach suddenly.

It has nothing to do with carbon monoxide or a gas that is explosive, but rather a substance that may create a discomfort, commonly referred to as a gas PID.

“This is not dangerous, it’s just uncomfortable,” said Bruce Judge, chief of operations for the fire Department in Granby.

The gas has spread in the entire factory. The building is always open and it is vented to release the gas.

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