November 29, 2022
embarrassed!  The sun was captured in 4K video as it spews plasma jets into space

embarrassed! The sun was captured in 4K video as it spews plasma jets into space

a Portuguese astrophotographer Miguel Claro has released a 4K video showing a massive bulge on the Sun, as it shot a powerful plume of plasma into the universe. The record was released by the professional on his social networks.

according to Miguel, Photographic Ambassador for the European Southern Observatory (ESO), The sequence in question was captured between 17:37 and 18:30 and shows the amazing movement of WCoronal Mass Jets (CMEs) resulting from solar prominence.

Check out the registration below:

To capture this phenomenon, Miguel Claro used a refracting telescope, the Sky Watcher Esprit 120ED, equipped with a Daystar Quark Chromosphere filter and a solar camera called the Apollo-M Max. The video was compiled from 200 processed images.

“As soon as I noticed that a big celebrity was visible and that it was growing very fast and massive, it started to register quickly. The sun was less than ideal, and the atmosphere had a thin layer of dust coming from Africa,” Claro explains in the video caption posted to his profile profile on Instagram.

It should be noted that coronal mass ejections are huge streams of plasma that the sun throws into active regions of its surface called sunspots, where magnetic fields are especially strong to the point of the corona burst.

According to News Week, CmE transmits billions of tons of coronary plasma, which can travel at a speed of about 10 million kilometers per hour. The collision of plasma electrons with atoms of oxygen and nitrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere causes this phenomenon.

This dynamic occurs almost daily and has intensified recently. In the last week of September alone, three solar flares, 18 coronal mass ejections and a geomagnetic storm were detected.