July 25, 2024

Embezzler deceived SPFC and youth with a football dream

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Embezzler deceived SPFC and youth with a football dream
Embezzler deceived SPFC and youth with a football dream

Responsible for brokering an agreement worth R$5 million between Sao Paulo and insurance company iSure, in 2020, Lucas Jeronymo de Moraes engaged in several scams, including deceiving players with a promise to build a career in football and representation in Europe. A report presented today by “Fantástico” revealed details of how it applied fraud.

Lucas Jeronimo de Moraes used to approach young people’s families with promises football Let’s go back to a new reality. However, this had costs, such as: transportation, maintenance, documentation and other expenses, which were about R$70 thousand. This value was with the scammer, who used to post pictures alongside players and in luxurious environments.

In a note sent to the programme, São Paulo confirmed that he had been contacted by the fraudster, who presented himself as an affiliate of iSure, but stated that the agreement was signed by the club’s previous management. The insurer, which has printed the club’s shirt for three matches, said the partnership had been made impossible due to Lucas’ actions and that it “confidence in a fair outcome for the affected parties”.

The list of victims of the football con artist also includes women who accuse him of manipulating him for money using stories about health problems with family members. Player Augusto Recife, 38, was the victim of one of the scams. “He said he worked with a group of investors, that the people were from São Paulo, from São Caetano, a bus company. He said that people had a lot of money, that they were investing heavily in the club. But that was all a lie.”

According to the report, Lucas responds to about 30 cases. As for the program, he said that he would not talk about topics, after all, they work in secret justice. “I’m not talking about it, about the company. I’m not talking about the process, because I’m sure it takes place in secrecy from the courts. It’s lies. It’s up to the court to decide who is right, who is wrong. And I certainly have nothing to do with it. With This football issue. I am no longer a part of it. I have never been a part of it.”

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