March 25, 2023

Emerson Sheik will have to comply with precautionary measures after being found guilty of money laundering; See list | Rio de Janeiro

Emerson Sheik has played for several big clubs in Brazil – Photo: Carlos Velardi / EPTV

Former soccer player Emerson elder – Marcio Passos Albuquerque, who played for Corinthians, Flamengo and Fluminense, among other major clubs, will have to comply with a series of precautionary measures, after he was denounced by the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) for aiding bicheiro Bernardo Bello in money laundering.

On Friday (10), the MPRJ carried out an operation to arrest Bernardo Bello. The perpetrator has not been found and is on the run. He, Sheikh and seven other people were charged with Bello-related offenses. The judge accepted the complaint and Emerson and the co-defendants became defendants.

According to the judicial decision that received the complaint, the sheikh will have to:

  • Inform the court, within a maximum of 15 days, of the telephone numbers at which they can be contacted, including the WhatsApp messaging application;
  • maintain an updated address with the Tribunal for communications on procedural acts, including by means of a letter application;
  • prohibition from being absent for more than 15 days from the district in which they reside without judicial permission;
  • appear every two months in court to justify their activities;
  • – Prevent contact with other defendants, with the exception of family members.

What does the complaint say?

According to the investigation, Bello and Sheik exchanged the former player’s penthouse apartment for a house in Barra da Tijuca. Despite declaring no amount, Bello transferred “except for the official real estate transaction”, in four cash deposits, of R$473,550.00 to the sheikh – according to the MPRJ, “were secretly used as part of payment for the purchase of a property”.

However, according to the MPRJ, the amounts were not passed through Belo’s bank accounts and were not recorded in the bonds. According to the complaint, the sheikh complied with the “intimidating behavior of Bernardo Bello” and “allowed the indicated deposits to be made into his bank account, without appearing in the public title deed, without declaring them to the Federal Revenue Service, and disguising the origin, nature and amounts as will be illicit as will be detailed below.”

Other deplored

Bernardo Bello, brother of Shana García’s ex-husband, as he arrives for a statement at the homicide police station about the attack on her – Photo: Henrique Coelho/G1

In addition to the two denounced: Marina Ritter-Forney; Soleil de Oliveira Mendez; Marilda Aparecida, Lisbon Bastos; Former GRES President Vila Isabel, Fernando Fernandes dos Santos; Taissa da Costa Mendes; Rodrigo dos Santos Cunha; and Sonia Maria Rossi, mother of Bernardo Bello.

Al-Adl denied arresting the accused, except for Bello.

the operation

The operation is supported by the Coordination of Security and Intelligence (CSI/MPRJ). In addition to the arrest warrant against Bello, the objective is to comply with nine search and seizure warrants, issued by the First Criminal Court specialized in organized crime of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ), at addresses associated with him and the gang members.

According to the investigations, the Vila Isabel samba school, which was headed by Bello, was used, between 2014 and 2015, to launder money “derived, above all, from the violation of Jogo do bicho and the exploitation of slot machines”.

It was also possible to buy yachts and luxury vehicles with money, as well as transactions involving the purchase and sale of real estate, including a location in the interior of Rio.

Bernardo Bello, in file photo – Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

The attack leads to the investigation

According to the complaint, upon arriving at the home of accused Bernardo Bello, the MPRJ team came across an extremely luxurious residence “completely inconsistent with the income he declared”.

Bernardo Bello has already been denounced by the Special Working Group Against Organized Crime (Gaeco / MPRJ) in 2022 in Operations Tu Quoque and End of the Line.

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