Emily Ratajkowski sexy in a swimsuit near a swimming pool !

Emily Ratajkowski sexy en maillot de bain près d’une piscine !

Emily Ratajkowski is not afraid certainly not the cold. The woman has turned up the temperature on his Instagram with a photo of her sexy !

Emily Ratajkowski loves strutting in a bathing suit. The model of 27 years has shown that the winter does not reach !

Emily Ratajkowski : Sexy in a bikini, near a swimming pool !

Emily Ratajkowski enjoys quietly in the warmth of California. While we will soon celebrate the end of the year, the latter wanted to raise the temperature. The starlet took advantage of the rays of the sun to improve his tan and to display in a swimsuit. She unveiled a sexy picture of her in her story, Instagram it, and it will clearly give pleasure to all his fans !

The model was unveiled a few hours ago a photo of her near a swimming pool. The woman took a pose in a bikini beige that leaves a clear view of his ass!!! Also, she did not hesitate to put his ass on the picture is arching slightly ! Then, it will also be noted that the top of her bikini is particularly indented. So much so that one can see part of his chest on the photo !

Emily Ratajkowski sexy en maillot de bain près d’une piscine !

Emily Ratajkowski : She unveils her new collection of bikinis !

Emily Ratajkowski knows how to crank up the temperature on the social networks. However, the woman has not made this photo for the fun of it. It’s been a year that she has ridden his brand of swimwear : Inamorata Swim. So, with this photo, she is trying to make the promotion of its products and its brand new collection ! In addition, fans can purchase her bikini donut on the website of its brand if they want to !

With over 20 million subscribers on Instagram, the starlet is hoping to sell a maximum of bikinis. However, we will say, its swimwear is particularly indented. Thus, not everyone will surely have not the audacity to buy the bikinis of the starlet. In addition, the starlet did maybe not choose the right time of year to unveil its new collection,…


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