March 31, 2023
Emirates says once again it is interested in a new giant aircraft larger than the A380

Emirates says once again it is interested in a new giant aircraft larger than the A380

While most airlines do not, at the moment, see more room to develop another aircraft the size of the Airbus A380, Emirates is thinking differently. In an interview with CNN Travel last week, the company’s CEO, Tim Clark, said once again that he has an appetite for a bigger plane.

The Dubai-based company has 118 jet aircraft, but only about 80 have been reactivated and not all of them have regular flights. However, the company is fueling expectations that everyone will be flying until the second quarter of next year.

Don `t give up

With so many A-class aircraft in the fleet, it would not be possible to return easily. For this reason, Clarke himself was already in a feud over ideas, not to mention a clash, with another CEO, Qatar Airways, Akbar al-Baker, a current A380 critic who said he couldn’t wait to retire. everybody. The ones your company owns.

Clark, for his part, stands firm, “The idea that the A380 was a thing of the past has always been hard to come to terms with.”. “I was laughing to myself and thinking ‘wait and see.’ We started flying the A380 to Heathrow six times a day in October last year and haven’t had a free seat on any of them since.”.

In fact, talk about your path more excellent It’s easy, however, and the same certainly can’t be said of most other cars the A380 has made. One example is the city of Sao Paulo, which lost its daily A380 this month – the plane gave way to a smaller-capacity Boeing 777.

Faced with the rest of the world, Clark once again said his company was still interested in an aircraft larger than the A380 and lamented that neither Airbus nor Boeing had shown a willingness to develop.

For him, the growth of the market in the coming years can only be pursued if the company has a larger aircraft, otherwise it will have to charge more for seats in the high-density destinations, which it works with slots Coordinated and therefore does not have more space for new flights.

“Supply will be suppressed and demand will continue to grow, and when that happens prices will go up, that is inevitable. If you take out the A380s in the mid-2030s, what are you going to do? Are we going to have big business in existing or new airports? At Heathrow, They can’t even agree on the third proof. Schiphol Amsterdam has just reduced the number of take-offs and landings they will allow. So, one wonders, how can this request be met?”Clark said.

In this sense, it is undeniable that Clark has a point.