July 22, 2024

Emmanuel Macron says in an interview with a French newspaper: “I want” to fill the bag with “vaccinators” | Globalism

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Emmanuel Macron says in an interview with a French newspaper: "I want" to fill the bag with "vaccinators" |  Globalism
Emmanuel Macron says in an interview with a French newspaper: "I want" to fill the bag with "vaccinators" |  Globalism

In a lengthy interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Wednesday (5), the French President said Emmanuel Macron He admitted that he wanted to “fill the bag” of the unvaccinated. (See more in the video above). The phrase was repeated the day before and appeared in the French press on Wednesday.

“Unvaccinated, I really want to upset them,” said the chief, using the verb “emmerder,” which is vulgar, which also means “to upset.”

The editorial in “Le Parisien” indicates that with this sentence, Macron put a cross on the votes of the unvaccinated, about 5 million people. Repercussions of the phrase Discussions about the vaccine passport were also suspended last night at the assembly.

“Le Parisien” was released with a cover and six more pages in which Macron answers questions from a sample of the French population: a farmer, a realtor, a teacher and a nurse.

Macron talks about Europe France He presides over the EU Council for six months – vowing he will not raise taxes and “will” to run in the next presidential election in April. But when talking about the unvaccinated, use the phrase that caused the political tsunami.

I will not arrest them or force-feed them. But let them know that from January 15 they will no longer be able to go to a restaurant, have a glass of wine, coffee, go to the theater, the cinema,” Macron told Le Parisien newspaper.

At the moment, the centrist government of Macron He wants to approve the conversion of the health permit into a vaccine passport. In other words, only those who have been vaccinated will be able to obtain a document that gives access to social and cultural activities, such as restaurants, bars, shows and cinemas. A recent negative test or confirmation of disease no longer matters.

Image taken from a video of the speech of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, in August last year – Photo: Christophe Arcambault / AFP

For the business newspaper Les Echos, Macron “made an uproar among the political class and announced in a dizzying, but risky way, her effective entry into the presidential campaign.”

“The new wave relaunch the president, but threatens the candidate,” analyzes the conservative “Le Figaro.” The newspaper pointed out that the month of January usually coincides with the entry of the electoral campaign candidate with large mobilization rallies. But this moment is filled with uncertainty, with delayed rallies and restrictions on conglomerates. “The new wave of Covid is going beyond the rules of the presidential election,” says Le Figaro.

Are we witnessing the introductions of a political crisis related to the government’s health strategy, a hundred days before the presidential elections? ‘ asks Le Monde.

The two opponents did not wait for a response, Liberation tells. Environmentalists’ candidate Yannick Gadot believes Macron made a political mistake. Far-right Marine Le Pen says Macron insists on dividing the nation and making unvaccinated citizens second-class. Jean-Luc Melenchon, from the far left, embraces the WHO’s approach of “persuasion rather than condemnation”.

Discussions about the vaccination card will resume this afternoon. If approved, the document becomes effective as of January 15.

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