July 20, 2024

[ENCERRADO] TudoAzul offers 15 points for every riyal spent on the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S22 in Magalu

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Guys, We informed the TudoAzul team on Wednesday afternoon (16) that due to the success of the upgrade, they had to close it early.

the TudoAzul Has a promotion? 15 points for every dollar spent In the new purchase Samsung Galaxy S22 number Magalu. The offer is valid until Saturday (19).

☞ Go to…


15 points per dollar spent: All customers.


View eligible products: Samsung Galaxy S22 phones only.
Payment method: bank transfer or credit card.

Points will be credited within 30 (thirty) business days after receiving the product(s). It will be valid for 24 months from the credit date. Qualifying points for tier upgrades will be calculated based on the standard ratio (15:1) above standard partnership parity only, therefore, bonus points will not be considered for tier qualification numbers.

How to participate

  1. Access to Magalu through TudoAzul site;
  2. Click on the given link;
  3. Choose the Samsung Galaxy S22 model you want and complete the purchase.

Purchase Example

When choosing a product, it is possible to see, at the top of the site, a banner telling about the promotion. However, it is not possible to know how many points will be accumulated on purchase:

We advise you to take pictures or record your computer screen during the purchase process. This way, if a problem occurs, you can appeal and ensure the correct credit for your points. we have one full walkthrough Teach to do so.


The offer may be interesting for those who are looking forward to the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and are focused on accumulating points for them in TudoAzul, where in the current promotion you can accumulate 15 points for real spending.

Despite this, always make sure to compare with other offers available at the time of purchase.

Thinking of taking advantage? To participate, access Magalu through TudoAzul site.

We are going through a delicate moment in the aviation and tourism sector in general. Analyze the advertised promotions and do not make rash decisions. ask for advice Publication policy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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