December 6, 2023

Enemy: Clear your doubts about the natural science test

The ultimate extension of studies! Ten days before the start of the National Secondary School Examination (Enem), a victory paperin partnership with Teaching scope, I brought the penultimate straight with tips for the candidates to perform well in the test.

Photo: Scope of Disclosure / Teaching

Professor Paulo Vitor gave advice on the most requested topics in the natural sciences exam. Moreover, during the live broadcast, it was possible to ask questions in the chat.

Spirits and tips about Enem in Folha Vitória

Photo: Disclosure

Every Wednesday and Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., candidates can check out top tips by region.

In addition, the candidate receives instructions on what to do the day before and the day before exams.

In the last live broadcast, broadcast on Wednesday (10), the Gamma Encino teacher, Eduardo Damiani, gave tips in the field of mathematics and its techniques.

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Exercise listings are also freely available to candidates. Souls are a partnership between victory paper, a Teaching scope it’s anol.

Find out what the Enem 2021 test will be like

In all, 76,814 Espirito Santo have registered and are able to take part in the sprint competition in 2021. The tests, both print and digital, are scheduled for November 21-28.

The exams will consist of 180 multiple-choice questions to be applied on two consecutive Sundays. Thematic questions are divided into four knowledge areas: the humanities and their techniques, the natural sciences and their techniques, their languages, their codes and techniques, and the mathematics and their techniques.

On the first day, the candidate will have 5:30 am to answer 45 questions on humanities, 45 questions on languages ​​and write the essay. On the second day of the test, you will need to answer 45 questions in mathematics and 45 questions in natural sciences in 5 hours. In total, the marathon is 10 hours and 30 hours.

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